About us

About us Description of Apphack. Apphack-online is an online tool website which provides user access to various tools based on popular games. Our tool is generally called as a hack generator. We provide any type of service in free of cost like giving free gems, free Robux etc. via using our Apphack generators.

Apphack-online is not an authorized company. This site is fully free resource. Everyone can use it without any type of subscription. The Main concept of our site is made gamers happy to fulfilling their need in games. Currently, we are working on only some popular games like Roblox, COC, Clash Royale, 8 ball pool etc. But soon we will launch more online generators for all big and amazing games.

We need only your username and some general information to fill your account with unlimited bucks. Apphack is already working with some popular games to makes their apps safe. As well we have own builds many apps, software tools.

Apphack online is not doing any illegal thing with any company we just make the tool own and all the bucks from our own servers. Basically, we didn’t hack any game or app server. We just copy the concept how they serve Bucks to their users and after that make the same thing. After all of that we will make an online tool to do work fast and for connecting users directly. Making an online tool is very hard work and costly too but app hack online to make this for the user in free of cost.
You can contact via Apphack Contact us page